Emegency Shelter Services


 LeeShore's 32-bed emergency shelter offers safe housing for women and their children who have been victimized by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Pets are permitted with prior approval.

We also arrange for transportation to the shelter on an as needs basis. We also have provided emergency travel assistance to victims who wish to leave the community for safety reasons, within the bounds of local, state and federal laws. 

Advocates help clients explore options and  identify goals. Safety plans are encouraged and devised with walk-in, residential and crisis line clients.

Advocates also assist victims with other needs, such as finding safe, affordable housing; completing protective orders; Violent Crimes Compensation Board (VCCB) applications; accessing medical care and legal services; accessing mental health and other social services; providing transportation; obtaining emergency material needs; and providing court accompaniment.

Advocacy and emotional support are provided as victims negotiate the legal system. 

LeeShore offers court-based legal advocacy. As integral members of the local Sexual Assault Response Team (SART), we provide sexual assault advocacy and support at the victim's request.

Crisis Intervention

 Crisis intervention services are available during business hours for non-residential clients or from our 24-hour crisis line (283-7257). Advocates conduct assessments and interviews in a private, confidential office. Translators for language and hearing barriers are available. Foreign language brochures available. 

Foreign Language Brochures

 Language Does Not Have to be A Barrier to Finding Help. 

The LeeShore Center has brochures available in several different languages.

In addition, the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault has a unique partnership with the Alaska Immigration Justice Project, to provide trained interpreters in order to assure that the rights of rural under-served immigrants and Alaska Natives are protected.

You may also download informational brochures from the Family Violence Prevention Fund in the following languages. 

Click on the files below to download the brochure. 

Children's Services

 LeeShore's Child Advocate provides advocacy, support, education, and assistance with school work and other services for children in shelter.

Individual support and age appropriate educational groups covering topics such as:

  • personal safety
  • emotions and feelings
  • self esteem
  • positive conflict resolution and
  • respectful behavior

Teens receive additional information on subjects such as positive communication skills, dating safety, domestic violence, sexual assault and date rape. 

Group Support

January 7th - June 30th, 2020 

2:30-3:30 pm

 Support Group for Women Coping with Substance Abuse, Interpersonal Violence and Trauma.

The group meets in the conference room at The LeeShore Center. This is a free on-going educational support group for women in our community. The goal of this group is to support women wishing to live healthy violence-free lifestyle.

Support group members will have an opportunity to:

  • Share their stories, strengths and concerns in a safe place
  • Be supported, validated and provided with practical, useful information
  • Given tools to build on their strengths and increase their coping skills
  • Make connections with others that understand
  • Identify increased safety options for their lives


For more information, contact The LeeShore Center at 283-9479. 


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