Transitional Living Center

 The Transitional Living Center (TLC) is a confidential residential program targeted for, but not limited to, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault who wish to transition to a substance-free and violence-free lifestyle. TLC is open to women and their children and is comprised of two program components:


A safe, supportive, structured group living experience, which offers a three-phase program. Staff provides group and one on one education to clients on a variety of topics including domestic violence, sexual assault and life skills. T-House is a violence-free environment.

Independent Living

The Independent Living apartments are in a four-plex on an adjacent lot to T-House. Rent is based on income. On-site individual and group assistance is available to address housing, employment, substance abuse, domestic violence and life skill issues. Clients residing in the apartments may participate in the same programs as T-House residents.


Basic Program Phases

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Phase I

The following is a basic program plan. Unique needs may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis as deemed appropriate by program staff.

Phase I
Class topics include:
 • information concerning domestic violence
 • how domestic violence affects children
 • healthy relationships
 • substance abuse
 • goal planning

Life skills groups are facilitated on a daily basis. Hands-on instruction, support and assistance are provided in the areas of:
 • household management
 • shopping
 • budgeting
 • time management
 • cooking
 • cleaning
 • parenting
 • positive role modeling

Staff meets with each client at least once a week to review the weekly goals the clients have set for themselves. Clients are also asked to attend outside support system groups in the community. (AA or NA, etc.)  

Phase II

Phase II is designed for women who have completed Phase I and are now looking at longer term goals. Clients decide if they need to finish their GED, attend vocational rehabilitation classes, or go back to work in the near future. The goal for Phase II is to offer the foundation that allows women to obtain the skills necessary to sustain a healthy and independent life style.

Clients may stay up to two years in the TLC program. 

Phase III

Phase III is a one-year follow-up for individual services and referrals after the client has discharged; these facilitate regular client contact and support during Phase III. 

Contact Us

Drop us a line! Please note, to speak to an advocate about entering the program, please call 283-2069. Intakes can be done over the phone but not via email.

Transitional Living Center

403 N Gill St, Kenai, Alaska 99611, United States

(907) 283-2069