Child Care Assistance Program


funded through the Division of Public Assistance Alaska Department of Health & Social Services

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This program is administered by The LeeShore Center for the PASS II and PASS III eligible residents of areas of Alaska shown in PINK in the map below.

The Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) provides assistance with child care expenses on a sliding fee basis for eligible families. Parents must be working, and/or attending school/training The amount of assistance is based on financial income.

The main eligibility requirements for child care assistance are listed in the Eligibility Guide.

Our program also registers local childcare providers for the State of Alaska.


For your convenience this page will contain links to all of the files you will need to access for Child Care Assistance.

You may click on the following links, print the files and complete. You may submit any of the forms found on this web page in person, by mail or fax. Please be aware that the Applications are larger files and will take time to download to your computer. Thank you for your patience.  

Completed forms and documentation can be emailed to:  Thank you

Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Working - or - Attending school/training 
  • Income Eligibility - the amount of assistance is based on family size and gross monthly income on a sliding fee basis (see "Family Contribution Schedule" below for family size and income detail). Gross monthly income is determined using both earned and unearned income being received by the family.
  • Age Eligibility - children up to 13 years of age.
  • Eligible Provider - select a child care provider who is eligible to participate in the Child Care Assistance Program

Alaska's Statewide Child Care Resource and Referral Network, thread, offers referral services to parents needing assistance with locating child care providers.

If you meet the guidelines listed above, you may be eligible to receive assistance with your child care costs. Print the "Family Application" found below. Print, complete, attach required documentation and submit to our office. If you have any further questions regarding eligibility, please contact our office. You may visit the State of Alaska website for an online child care calculator, forms and resources.
Required Documentation:

  •     A completed Child Care Assistance Application
  •     A copy of your government issued photo identification card
  •     Proof of your family's gross monthly income
  •     Proof of age for the children who will be receiving assistance. 

Provider Information

The State of Alaska reimburses child care providers serving children of eligible, low to moderate income families participating in the Child Care Assistance Program. Only eligible providers may be paid with public funds through the program.

Child care services must be provided in the provider's residence with the exception of eligible in-home care and licensed facilities.

If you are not currently an eligible provider with our program you may complete an application. The cover sheet will direct the applicant to where the application must be submitted to begin the eligibility process. If you have any additional questions please contact our office. 


Effective 6/29/17, changes within the Alaska Administrative Code, 7 AAC 10 for background checks require all child care providers to obtain a fingerprint-based background check.

This application describes a different requirement which will be invalid effective 6/29/17. In order to avoid additional costs associated with meeting the background requirements please do not purchase Interested Person Reports for yourself or household members as you will be required to obtain the applicable background checks by the BCP.

Information on how to obtain the required background check by the BCP will be provided at the time you submit your Child Care Assistance Approved Relative Provider Application CC42.


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