November 22nd, 2019

Annual Board Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Thank you to everyone that attended the Annual Meeting Dinner. We hope you found it informative and uplifting. Please join us next year in November 2020. 

Award Recipients and Speakers

Safe Harbor Award


 LeeShore’s Safe Harbor Award recognizes a person who has provided outstanding services, guidance and has been dedicated to the cause of ending the cycle of domestic violence and sexual assault. This year we recognize someone who has been committed to serving others  for years, Leslie Felts. 

Anchor Award


 LeeShore’s Anchor Award was presented by Board Member Lannette Nickens to Drifter's Lodge in recognition of an outstanding partnership with our agency and for their prevention efforts to end domestic violence and sexual assault in our community. 

Polaris Lifetime Achievement


 The Polaris Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an outstanding volunteer in recognition of their professionalism and commitment to improving the lives of those less fortunate. This year’s award goes to Quincy Blatchford, who is always willing and eager to lend a hand and strong back back when needed. 

Mt. Redoubt Award


 LeeShore’s Mt. Redoubt Award recipient was nominated by fellow staff for displaying compassion and competence, demonstrating ‘grace under fire’. The recipient of this award is  Karen Stroh, the Emergency Shelter Manager. 

Our Guest Speaker


Thank you to Trudie Glenn for attending and being our guest speaker for the evening. She was a powerful and compelling presenter. We also had a video from Senator Micciche, who was unable to atend in person.